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BoundingBoxAnnotatorCrop fixes

Laurent COLBOIS requested to merge boundingboxannotatorcrop-fixes into master

This is a follow-up for !140 (merged) (that introduces the BoundingBoxCropAnnotator).

I have been running a few IJBC evaluations and have noticed issues on non-ArcFace-based systems. This introduces the following fixes:

  • Legacy baselines : reorganize for the cropping to be performed before converting the image to grayscale. That way, the MTCNN annotator used in the BoundingBoxCropAnnotator will work correctly
  • Embedding baselines : add leye and reye cropped positions in the default also when annotation_type == 'bounding-box' which will trigger the selection of BoundingBoxCropAnnotator). This was currently done only for the cropped_positions_arcface, this adds the same process for legacy, dnn and pad default croppings.

@tiago.pereira could you please review this when you find the time ? It is not urgent.

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