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Documentation changes in bob bio annotate

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......@@ -5,66 +5,49 @@ import json
import click
from os.path import dirname, isfile, expanduser
from bob.extension.scripts.click_helper import (
verbosity_option, ConfigCommand, ResourceOption)
verbosity_option, ConfigCommand, ResourceOption, log_parameters)
from import create_directories_safe
from import indices
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
@click.command(entry_point_group='', cls=ConfigCommand)
$ bob bio annotate -vvv -d <database> -a <annotator> -o /tmp/annotations
$ jman submit --array 64 -- bob bio annotate ... --array 64
@click.command(entry_point_group='', cls=ConfigCommand,
@click.option('--database', '-d', required=True, cls=ResourceOption,
help='''The database that you want to annotate.''')
@click.option('--annotator', '-a', required=True, cls=ResourceOption,
@click.option('--output-dir', '-o', required=True, cls=ResourceOption)
@click.option('--force', '-f', is_flag=True, cls=ResourceOption)
@click.option('--array', type=click.INT, default=1, cls=ResourceOption)
help='A callable that takes the database and a sample (biofile) '
'of the database and returns the annotations in a dictionary.')
@click.option('--output-dir', '-o', required=True, cls=ResourceOption,
help='The directory to save the annotations.')
@click.option('--force', '-f', is_flag=True, cls=ResourceOption,
help='Whether to overwrite existing annotations.')
@click.option('--array', type=click.INT, default=1, cls=ResourceOption,
help='Use this option alongside gridtk to submit this script as '
'an array job.')
@click.option('--database-directories-file', cls=ResourceOption,
help='(Deprecated) To support loading of old databases.')
def annotate(database, annotator, output_dir, force, array,
database_directories_file, **kwargs):
"""Annotates a database.
The annotations are written in text file (json) format which can be read
back using :any:`bob.db.base.read_annotation_file` (annotation_type='json')
database : :any:``
The database that you want to annotate. Can be a ````
entry point or a path to a Python file which contains a variable
named `database`.
annotator : callable
A function that takes the database and a sample (biofile) of the
database and returns the annotations in a dictionary. Can be a
```` entry point or a path to a Python file which
contains a variable named `annotator`.
output_dir : str
The directory to save the annotations.
force : bool, optional
Whether to overwrite existing annotations.
array : int, optional
Use this option alongside gridtk to submit this script as an array job.
verbose : int, optional
Increases verbosity (see help for --verbose).
[CONFIG]... Configuration files. It is possible to pass one or
several Python files (or names of ````
entry points) which contain the parameters listed
above as Python variables. The options through the
command-line (see below) will override the values of
configuration files.
logger.debug('database: %s', database)
logger.debug('annotator: %s', annotator)
logger.debug('force: %s', force)
logger.debug('output_dir: %s', output_dir)
logger.debug('array: %s', array)
logger.debug('database_directories_file: %s', database_directories_file)
logger.debug('kwargs: %s', kwargs)
# Some databases need their original_directory to be replaced
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