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Fixed documented step keywords in grid_search; added check for steps

parent ce6e085d
......@@ -264,6 +264,9 @@ def check_requirements(replacements):
global configuration
values = {}
for key in configuration.replace:
# check that the key is one of the known steps
if key not in steps:
raise ValueError("The step '%s' defined in the configuration file is unknown; choose one of %s" % (key, steps))
values.update(extract_values(configuration.replace[key], replacements))
for requirement in configuration.requirements:
test = replace(requirement, values)
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ The variables 1. to 3. can also be overridden by the command line options ``--pr
The ``replace`` variable has to be set as a dictionary.
In it, you can define with which values your place holder key should be filled, and in which step of the tool chain execution this should happen.
The steps are ``'preprocessing'``, ``'extraction'``, ``'projection'``, ``'enrollment'`` and ``'scoring'``.
The steps are ``'preprocess'``, ``'extract'``, ``'project'``, ``'enroll'`` and ``'score'``.
For each of the steps, it can be defined, which placeholder should be replaced by which values.
To be able to differentiate the results later on, each of the replacement values is bound to a directory name.
The final structure looks somewhat like that:
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