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Add another method for the filelistbiodatabase class

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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ from .database import BioDatabase
from .database import ZTBioDatabase
from .filelist.query import FileListBioDatabase
from .filelist.models import Client
from . import filelist
# gets sphinx autodoc done right - don't remove it
def __appropriate__(*args):
from .models import ListReader, Client
from .models import ListReader, Client, FileListFile
from .query import FileListBioDatabase
from .driver import Interface
# gets sphinx autodoc done right - don't remove it
......@@ -21,6 +22,8 @@ def __appropriate__(*args):
__all__ = [_ for _ in dir() if not _.startswith('_')]
......@@ -21,6 +21,16 @@ class FileListBioDatabase(ZTBioDatabase):
attribute when querying the database, it will be appended to the base directory, such that
several protocols are supported by the same class instance of ``.
name : str
The name of the database
protocol : str
The protocol of the database. This should be a folder inside ``base_dir``.
biofilecls : class
The class that should be used for return the files.
This can be `BioFile`, `AudioBioFile`, `FaceBioFile`, or anything similar.
original_directory : str or ``None``
The directory, where the original data can be found
......@@ -222,6 +232,17 @@ class FileListBioDatabase(ZTBioDatabase):
def _make_bio(self, files):
return [self.biofilecls(client_id=f.client_id, path=f.path, for f in files]
def all_files(self, groups=['dev']):
files = self.objects(groups, self.protocol, None, None, **self.all_files_options)
# add all files that belong to the ZT-norm
for group in groups:
if group == 'world':
if self.implements_zt(self.protocol, group):
files += self.tobjects(group, self.protocol, None)
files += self.zobjects(group, self.protocol, **self.z_probe_options)
return self.sort(self._make_bio(files))
def groups(self, protocol=None):
"""This function returns the list of groups for this database.
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