Commit d3d878ac authored by Amir MOHAMMADI's avatar Amir MOHAMMADI
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Merge branch 'annotator' into 'master'

Load annotators as resources in FailSafe annotator

See merge request !142
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import logging
import six
from . import Annotator
from .. import load_resource
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
......@@ -21,7 +23,11 @@ class FailSafe(Annotator):
def __init__(self, annotators, required_keys, **kwargs):
super(FailSafe, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self.annotators = list(annotators)
self.annotators = []
for annotator in annotators:
if isinstance(annotator, six.string_types):
annotator = load_resource(annotator, 'annotator')
self.required_keys = list(required_keys)
def annotate(self, sample, **kwargs):
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