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[refactor] isort

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......@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ from import (
from bob.pipelines.distributed import dask_get_partition_size
from bob.pipelines.utils import is_estimator_stateless, isinstance_nested
from bob.pipelines.distributed.sge import SGEMultipleQueuesCluster
from bob.pipelines.utils import is_estimator_stateless, isinstance_nested
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
......@@ -185,11 +185,15 @@ def execute_pipeline_simple(
if dask_partition_size is not None:
# Create partitions of the same defined size for each Set
n_objects = max(
len(background_model_samples), len(biometric_references), len(probes)
partition_size = None
if not isinstance(dask_client, str):
partition_size = dask_get_partition_size(dask_client.cluster, n_objects, dask_partition_size)
partition_size = dask_get_partition_size(
dask_client.cluster, n_objects, dask_partition_size
logger.debug("Splitting data with fixed size partitions.")
pipeline = dask_pipeline_simple(
......@@ -206,11 +210,15 @@ def execute_pipeline_simple(
# Split in max_jobs partitions or revert to the default behavior of
# dask.Bag from_sequence: partition_size = 100
n_jobs = None
if not isinstance(dask_client, str) and isinstance(dask_client.cluster, SGEMultipleQueuesCluster):
if not isinstance(dask_client, str) and isinstance(
dask_client.cluster, SGEMultipleQueuesCluster
"Splitting data according to the number of available workers."
n_jobs = dask_client.cluster.sge_job_spec["default"]["max_jobs"]
n_jobs = dask_client.cluster.sge_job_spec["default"][
logger.debug(f"{n_jobs} partitions will be created.")
pipeline = dask_pipeline_simple(pipeline, npartitions=n_jobs)
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