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Example buildout environment
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.. Thu 30 Jan 08:46:53 2014 CET
This simple example demonstrates how to wrap Bob-based scripts on buildout
environments. This may be useful for homework assignments, tests or as a way to
distribute code to reproduce your publication. In summary, if you need to give
out code to others, we recommend you do it following this template so your code
can be tested, documented and run in an orderly fashion.
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Scripts to run biometric recognition experiments
This package contains basic functionality to run biometric recognition experiments.
It provides a generic ``./bin/`` script that takes several parameters, including:
* A database and its evaluation protocol
* A data preprocessing algorithm
* A feature extraction algorithm
* A biometric recognition algorithm
All these steps of the biometric recognition system are given as configuration files.
.. note::
In this base class implementation, only a few algorithms (such as PCA, LDA, PLDA, BIC) are implemented, while most algorithms that are more specialized are provided by other packages, which are usually in the ```` namespace, such as:
To follow these instructions locally you will need a local copy of this
package. For that, you can use the github tarball API to download the package::
* ` <>`_ for face recognition databases, features and algorithms
* ` <>`_ for speaker recognition recognition databases, features and algorithms
* ` <>`_ for Gaussian-Mixture-model-based algorithms
* ` <>`_ for video-based databases and algorithms
$ wget --no-check-certificate -O- | tar xz
$ mv idiap-bob.project* bob.project.example
Documentation and Further Information
Additionally, a generic script ``./bin/`` is provided that can generate several types of plots (such as ROC, DET and CMC curves) and compute several measures (such as HTER, Cllr) to evaluate your experiments.
To install this package -- alone or together with other `Packages of Bob <>`_ -- please read the `Installation Instructions <>`_.
For Bob_ to be able to work properly, some dependent packages are required to be installed.
Please make sure that you have read the `Dependencies <>`_ for your operating system.
For further documentation on this package, please read the `Stable Version <>`_ or the `Latest Version <>`_ of the documentation.
For a list of tutorials on this or the other packages ob Bob_, or information on submitting issues, asking questions and starting discussions, please visit its website.
Please refer to the latest Bob user guide, accessing from the `Bob website
<>`_ for how to create your own packages based on
this example. In particular, the Section entitled `Organize Your Work in
Satellite Packages <>`_
contains details on how to setup, build and roll out your code.
.. _bob:
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