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[gitlabci] Add --noinput to when running tests

This ensure that if the database was not cleaned on last run, it
won't block waiting for the answer to the question.

No database cleanup usually means that the tests were forcefully
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......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ build_linux_36:
- buildout
- python -c "from beat.core.test.utils import pull_docker_test_images as f; f()"
- export COVERAGE_FILE=.coverage.django
- ./bin/coverage run --source=${CI_PROJECT_NAME} ./bin/django test -v 2
- ./bin/coverage run --source=${CI_PROJECT_NAME} ./bin/django test -v 2 --noinput
- export BEAT_CMDLINE_TEST_PLATFORM="django://"
- export COVERAGE_FILE=.coverage.cmdline
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