Commit d16c8528 authored by Flavio TARSETTI's avatar Flavio TARSETTI

[ui][registration][template] remove registered users migration emails

Part of #569
parent b282f739
Dear {{ user.first_name }},
The admin of the BEAT platform would like to inform you of a security update
to your account used under username {{ user.username}}
From now on you will need to be supervised by a known supervisor.
To comply with this new rule, please go to your account settings and under
Account Management click on "Add a supervisor" and validate it with a known
Failing to do so, your account will be blocked after a few weeks! (you
can however still re-activate it through an account reactivation procedure)
If you are having problems to revalidate your account, contact a member of our
support staff at {{ prefix }}{% url 'contact' %}.
BEAT Administrators at the Idiap Research Institute
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