Commit 900e63fd authored by Philip ABBET's avatar Philip ABBET
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[databases, api] Can't retrieve a database template that doesn't correspond to an usable database

parent 2b950903
......@@ -139,7 +139,10 @@ class ListTemplatesView(views.APIView):
result = {}
# Retrieve all the protocols available to user
for set_template in DatabaseSetTemplate.objects.filter(sets__protocol__database__in=Database.objects.for_user(request.user, True)).distinct().order_by('name'):
databases = Database.objects.for_user(request.user, True)
databases = Database.filter_latest_versions(databases)
for set_template in DatabaseSetTemplate.objects.filter(sets__protocol__database__in=databases).distinct().order_by('name'):
(db_template, dataset) ='__')
if not(result.has_key(db_template)):
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