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[doc][admin][installation] Update development setup instruction

Using the new scheduler/broker/worker paradigm.
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......@@ -440,13 +440,26 @@ Here is how to do it.
$ ./bin/django runserver
2. Start the full scheduling setup::
$ ./bin/django full_scheduling
This will start all elements of the scheduling/working process. Docker can
be used for the worker node passing the ``--docker`` option.
Each element composing the scheduling can also be started separately:
1. Start a the broker node::
$ ./bin/django broker -v 2
2. Start a single scheduling node::
$ ./bin/scheduler -vv
$ ./bin/django scheduler -v 2
3. Start a worker for your current node::
$ ./bin/worker -vv
$ ./bin/django worker -v 2
By default, the applications are configured to figure out paths and
configuration options by themselves. You can override some defaults via the
......@@ -457,7 +470,7 @@ command line. Just check the output of each of those commands running the
Mixing and matching
You can mix and match any of the above techniques to run a 3-node system
You can mix and match any of the above techniques to run a 4-node system
(all-in-one or discrete) to build a test system to suite to your needs. For
example, it is possible to launch the scheduling activities using the web
server and the page reload trick while launching the worker process separately
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