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  • v1.10.2
    Release v1.10.2
    • !108 Add pyproject.toml: This follows bob packages new standard
  • v1.10.1
    Release v1.10.1
    • !107 Fix protocol template handling: This merge request fixes the download of V2 version of Database objects. It requires to first get all the required protocol templates. The code is done so that adding online related commands for protocol templates can be done in a follow up MR.
  • v1.10.0
    Release v1.10.0
    • !106 Remove share-database option when running an experiment: This is now done at the Database declaration level and handled in beat/beat.core> entirely. Fixes #79
  • v1.9.0
    Release v1.9.0
    • !102 Sphinx 3 autodoc no longer accepts autodoc_default_flags and autodoc_default_options should be used
    • !103 Add option to share the database with the algorithm container when running an experiment: This allows to use the new feature implemented for beat.core#103. Fixes #76
    • !104 Fix algorithm download: The download was using the current user to build the URL which is not correct since the user may not be the owner. Fixes #77
    • !105 Use current user ID if none is given when indexing a database: This will generate files for the current user like all other files generated when using beat/beat.cmdline> Fixes #78
  • v1.8.2
    Release v1.8.2
    • !101 Make beat/beat.web> setup compatible with Django 3. This allows to continue maintenance of the actual version of beat/beat.web> and its migration to Django 3
  • v1.8.1
    Release v1.8.1
    • !99 Do not save config when just setting a value on it: Currently each time a configuration object is modified, the change is automatically stored in the global file of the user. The configuration changes should only be saved when the command is used and not when the object is simply manipulated. Fixes beat.editor#277
    • !100 Allow plotterparameters in beat exp plot command: So far it was not possible to specify a plotterparameter when producing the experiment plots locally. This merge request adds an option in the command line which allows users to change the plotterparameter of each output plot. Fixes #70
  • v1.8.0
    Release v1.8.0
    • !97 Update db container creation: This merge request implements the handling of databases providing the environment entry in their declaration. This will allow to properly generate the indexes on the platform.
    • !98 Two-step process for pushing cxx algorithms: Fixes #73
  • v1.7.5
    Release v1.7.5
    • !96 Pre commit cleanup: This merge request updates the pre-commit setup to match the one from beat/beat.editor> in terms of list of hooks to apply and provide the configuration of the new hooks as well. Then all files have been passed through the full setup of hooks. Commits have been split to have a grouped approach of the files having been cleaned.
    • !97 Update db container creation: This merge request implements the handling of databases providing the environment entry in their declaration. This will allow to properly generate the indexes on the platform.
  • v1.7.4
    Release v1.7.4
    • !95 Update execution environment: This patch moves all the execution environment definition to the new one provided by beat/beat.env.builder>
  • v1.7.3
    Release v1.7.3
    • !94 Improve experiment plotter output handling Fixes #71
  • v1.7.2
    Release v1.7.2
    • !92 [main_cli] Add '-h' and '-?' as valid help options
    • !93 Improve experiment plot support. Fixes #38
  • v1.7.1
    Release v1.7.1
    • !91 Fix push candidates filtering as the filtering was done on the "thruthiness" of the symbol string content.
  • v1.7.0
    Release v1.7.0
    • !90 Add version of asset to data sent on push to help avoid creating asset with wrong versions if history data are missing. This field will be mandatory upon next beat/beat.web> release. See beat.web#547
  • v1.6.3
    Release v1.6.3
    • !89 Fix experiment monitor command: the request handling was changed in a prior rewrite of the webapi module. Failure at first request is also correctly handled now.
  • v1.6.2
    Release v1.6.2
    • !83 Do not fail if the platform cannot be reached when listing environments so the behaviour consistant with the local discovery of environments.
    • !84 Only create the database view if the indexing must be done: There's no reason to create the database view early if it might not be used.
    • !85 Improve logging setup as the logging output was not really clear. Use of the oboslete warn calls have been updated to warning.
    • !86 Improve dependency check to allow to properly stop early the push process in case one of the asset contains errors.
    • !87 Add cache remove to allow the removal of a cache entry to enable re-run of a block without having to artificially modify it. It also helps cleaning invalid cache entry if something went wrong in a way that is not yet handled.
    • !88 Add the test cases needed to verify that the push failed properly when trying to send an invalid asset. As benefit these tests have shown that some checks where passing but not using the correct class for the work. The validation has been re-thought and moved earlier so that the validity check is now already done prior to the dependency check. This allows to reduce the code as well as centralise the check where it makes the most sense. Also improved are the other push tests. They are now properly running/failing for the correct reasons.
  • v1.6.1
    Release v1.6.1
    • !81 Update toolchain files to follow the latest and fixed schema.
    • !82 Add test prefix content to MANIFEST.in, required for testing through beat/beat.web>.
  • v1.6.0
    Release v1.6.0
    • !73 Add pillow to dependencies: It was indirectly made available through beat/beat.core>
    • !74 Implement execution environment retrieval from the platform
    • !75 Implement execution of experiment with subprocess in a different environment
    • !76 [docedit] removed Biometrics Evaluation from BEAT definition
    • !77 Smart push: The main goal of this merge request is to properly implement pushing to the platform. Until now, only the object selected was pushed which could end up badly as no version nor fork check was done. Also, new object push was not tested and, in fact, that part never worked. This merge request fixes several issues related to that: 1) Fixes push of newly created data 2) Push all dependencies of an object prior to the object itself 3) Centralize the push command as it was the same everywhere 4) Refactor the WebAPI class to make it clean and use the requests package 5) Refactor tests so that the WebAPI class is also used there and is therefore also tested 6) Add missing tests for the library asset Fixes #49 #50
    • !79 Fix conda recipe with regard to license file
    • !78 Fix environment parameter handling for experiment run command
    • !80 Fix url building: Currently if the platform URL contains a path like https://beat-eu.org/platform, the platform part is lost.
  • v1.5.0
    Release v1.5.0
    • !64 Add BEAT framework classifier: Fixes #58
    • !65 Test updates to ensure that database V2 are properly running and experiment output are properly analyzed
    • !66 Add support for protocol template
    • !67 Update plotterparameter storage handling
    • !68 Fix non forkable types handling
    • !69 Fixed external and internal links in documentation
    • !70 Update API v1 related code
    • !71 Remove use of oset
    • !72 Implement remote experiment execution handling
  • v1.4.1
    Release v1.4.1
    • !58 Fix missing handling of the --version option
    • !59 Use beat.core.test to pull docker images for testing (c.f. beat.core#63)
    • !60 Allow package to be tested outside of source checkout (see bob/bob.devtools#5)
    • !61 Fix tests: The tests for algorithm were failing because of the latest version of beat.core as well as click update.
    • !62 Fix local tests
    • !63 Move license to BSD 3 Clause
  • v1.4.0
    Release v1.4.0
    • !12 Fix the code to run with both Python 2 an Python 3
    • !17 Fix status test
    • !18 Add remote listing of plotters and plotterparameters
    • !19 Add missing commands documentation
    • !20 Fix mutating ordered dict while iterating
    • !21 Clean imports
    • !22 Always print the output of the analysis independently of the caching state of the blocks
    • !24 Added show option to display plot image with PIL
    • !25 Use click for command lines
    • !26 Add documentation for plotters plotterparameters and experiments plotting
    • !27 Remove printing type name of object for all packages using list or list --remove
    • !37 Fix striginfy method
    • !28 Add verbosity for non plottable results
    • !30 Fix local list for plotterparameters: Patch: list local plotterparameters
    • !31 Add edit command for all packages
    • !32 Prepend plot output with experiment name
    • !33 Check that VISUAL or EDITOR is set in the environment for edit command
    • !34 Updated documentation for beat.cmdline
    • !35 Add anchor document: Anchor was not at the appropriate place
    • !36 Renaming anchor for consistency with other packages
    • !38 Fix doc extra marker
    • !39 Add missing click dependency
    • !40 Add missing platform parameter when calling API
    • !41 Fix click commands
    • !42 Handle case where CPU stats return 0: This may happen if the container ran on GPU.
    • !43 Add option to make experiment run less verbose
    • !44 Fix issue related to mixing click functions and other class functions
    • !45 Remove deprecated script
    • !46 Improve database testing: This allows to more easily understand why the test fails if the database object encounters error on creation.
    • !48 Improve documentation from 1.4.x:
    • !49 Documentation: change ./bin/beat to only beat
    • !50 Documentation: change to include commands both for remote and local usage
    • !51 Fix handling of the containers by stopping them and cleaning them properly
    • !53 Mitigates issues created by the deprecation of the old conda-build test system (see bob/bob.admin#100).
    • !54 Move all work from 1.4.x branch back to master
    • !55 Merge the new documentation to master
    • !56 Temporarily remove framework trove classifier to unblock pypi upload
    • !57 Documentation: minor fix in reference name