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Add an option to make the aggregate output unique

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......@@ -89,6 +89,7 @@ def main(command_line_options = None):
help = "Increase the verbosity level from 0 (only error messages) to 1 (warnings), 2 (log messages), 3 (debug information) by adding the --verbose option as often as desired (e.g. '-vvv' for debug).")
parser.add_argument('-V', '--version', action='version',
version='GridTk version %s' % __version__)
parser.add_argument('-u', '--unique-aggregate', dest='unique', action="store_true", help="It will make sure the output lines in aggout are unique while ignoring the empty lines and comment lines.")
# parse
......@@ -129,7 +130,19 @@ def main(command_line_options = None):
data = generator.aggregate(args.variables, args.aggtmpl)
dirname = os.path.dirname(args.aggout)
if dirname: tools.makedirs_safe(dirname)
with open(args.aggout, 'wt') as f: f.write(data)
with open(args.aggout, 'wt') as f:
if args.unique:
unique_lines = []
for line in data.split('\n'):
if not line.strip():
elif line.strip()[0] == '#':
f.write(line + '\n')
elif line not in unique_lines:
f.write(line + '\n')
f.write(data)'Wrote `%s\'', args.aggout)
return 0
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