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# pbdlib
### Papers-related pages
If you came there reading one of the following works, please directly go to the related page.
- [Bayesian Gaussian mixture model for robotic policy imitation](
# pbdlib
Pbdlib is a python library for robot programming by demonstration. The goal is to provide users with an easy to use library of algorithms that can be used to learn movement primitives using probabilistic tools.
This Python version of Pbdlib is maintained by Emmanuel Pignat at the Idiap Research Institute. Pbdlib is a collection of codes available in different languages and developed as a joint effort between the Idiap Research Institute and the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).
## Video
## Codes
### Installation
This requires v2.7 of Python.
Following these instructions install the library without copying the files, allowing to edit the sources files without reinstalling.
git clone
cd pbdlib-python
pip install -e .
If pip is not install, you can get it that way:
sudo apt-get install python-pip
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