Commit ec08be2b authored by Leonel Rozo's avatar Leonel Rozo

New function for initializing a tensorGMM using k-means. Already tested.

parent 46e83db2
function model = init_tensorGMM_kmeans(Data, model)
% Author: Leonel Rozo, 2014
diagRegularizationFactor = 1E-4;
%Matricization/flattening of tensor
DataAll = reshape(Data, size(Data,1)*size(Data,2), size(Data,3));
%The function 'kmeans' below is from the Matlab Statistics Toolbox (see note above)
[Data_id, Centers] = kmeans(DataAll', model.nbStates);
% Setting means and covariance matrices
Mu = Centers';
Sigma = zeros(model.nbFrames*model.nbVar, model.nbFrames*model.nbVar, model.nbStates);
for i = 1 : model.nbStates
idtmp = find(Data_id==i);
model.Priors(i) = length(idtmp);
Sigma(:,:,i) = cov(DataAll(:,idtmp)') + eye(size(DataAll,1))*diagRegularizationFactor;
model.Priors = model.Priors / sum(model.Priors);
%Reshape GMM parameters into a tensor
for m = 1 : model.nbFrames
for i = 1 : model.nbStates
model.Mu(:,m,i) = Mu((m-1)*model.nbVar+1:m*model.nbVar,i);
model.Sigma(:,:,m,i) = Sigma((m-1)*model.nbVar+1:m*model.nbVar,(m-1)*model.nbVar+1:m*model.nbVar,i);
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