Commit d79a21c0 authored by Sylvain Calinon's avatar Sylvain Calinon

misc minor updates

parent 474f7fad
......@@ -29,11 +29,9 @@ model.nbStates = 3; %Number of Gaussians in the GMM
model.nbFrames = 2; %Number of candidate frames of reference
model.nbVar = 3; %Dimension of the datapoints in the dataset (here: t,x1,x2)
model.dt = 0.01; %Time step
model.kP = 100; %Stiffness gain (required only if LQR is not used for reproduction)
model.kV = (2*model.kP)^.5; %Damping gain (required only if LQR is not used for reproduction)
model.kP = 100; %Stiffness gain
model.kV = (2*model.kP)^.5; %Damping gain
nbRepros = 8; %Number of reproductions with new situations randomly generated
rFactor = 1E-1; %Weighting term for the minimization of control commands in LQR
%% Load 3rd order tensor data
function model = init_tensorGMM_timeBased(Data, model)
% Author: Sylvain Calinon, 2014
diagRegularizationFactor = 1E-4;
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