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Correction in demo_testLQR01

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...@@ -66,69 +66,4 @@ xlabel('t'); ylabel('kp'); ...@@ -66,69 +66,4 @@ xlabel('t'); ylabel('kp');
%pause; %pause;
%close all; %close all;
function demo_testLQR01
% Test of the linear quadratic regulation
% Author: Sylvain Calinon, 2014
% This source code is given for free! In exchange, I would be grateful if you cite
% the following reference in any academic publication that uses this code or part of it:
% @inproceedings{Calinon14ICRA,
% author="Calinon, S. and Bruno, D. and Caldwell, D. G.",
% title="A task-parameterized probabilistic model with minimal intervention control",
% booktitle="Proc. {IEEE} Intl Conf. on Robotics and Automation ({ICRA})",
% year="2014",
% month="May-June",
% address="Hong Kong, China",
% pages="3339--3344"
% }
%% Parameters
model.nbVar = 2; %Dimension of the datapoints in the dataset (here: t,x1)
model.dt = 0.01; %Time step
nbData = 500; %Number of datapoints
nbRepros = 3; %Number of reproductions with new situations randomly generated
rFactor = 1E-2; %Weighting term for the minimization of control commands in LQR
%% Reproduction with LQR
disp('Reproductions with LQR...');
DataIn = [1:nbData] * model.dt;
a.currTar = ones(1,nbData);
for n=1:nbRepros
a.currSigma = ones(1,1,nbData) * 10^(2-n);
%r(n) = reproduction_LQR_finiteHorizon(DataIn, model, a, 0, rFactor);
r(n) = reproduction_LQR_infiniteHorizon(DataIn, model, a, 0, rFactor);
%% Plots
hold on; box on;
%Plot target
plot(r(1).Data(1,:), a.currTar, 'r-', 'linewidth', 2);
for n=1:nbRepros
%Plot trajectories
plot(r(n).Data(1,:), r(n).Data(2,:), '-', 'linewidth', 2, 'color', ones(3,1)*(n-1)/nbRepros);
xlabel('t'); ylabel('x_1');
%Plot norm of control commands
subplot(1,2,1); hold on;
for n=1:nbRepros
plot(DataIn, r(n).ddxNorm, '-', 'linewidth', 2, 'color', ones(3,1)*(n-1)/nbRepros);
xlabel('t'); ylabel('|ddx|');
%Plot stiffness
subplot(1,2,2); hold on;
for n=1:nbRepros
plot(DataIn, r(n).kpDet, '-', 'linewidth', 2, 'color', ones(3,1)*(n-1)/nbRepros);
xlabel('t'); ylabel('kp');
%close all;
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