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Corrected documentation of the jman submit -t option.

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......@@ -229,7 +229,7 @@ def main(command_line_options = None):
submit_parser.add_argument('-k', '--stop-on-failure', action='store_true', help='Stop depending jobs when this job finished with an error.')
submit_parser.add_argument('-l', '--log-dir', metavar='DIR', help='Sets the log directory. By default, "logs" is selected for the SGE. If the jobs are executed locally, by default the result is written to console.')
submit_parser.add_argument('-s', '--environment', metavar='KEY=VALUE', dest='env', nargs='*', default=[], help='Passes specific environment variables to the job.')
submit_parser.add_argument('-t', '--array', '--parametric', metavar='(first:)last(-step)', help='Creates a parametric (array) job. You must specify the last value, but first (default=1) and step (default=1) can be specified as well.')
submit_parser.add_argument('-t', '--array', '--parametric', metavar='(first-)last(:step)', help="Creates a parametric (array) job. You must specify the 'last' value, but 'first' (default=1) and 'step' (default=1) can be specified as well (when specifying 'step', 'first' has to be given, too).")
submit_parser.add_argument('-z', '--dry-run', action='store_true', help='Do not really submit anything, just print out what would submit in this case')
submit_parser.add_argument('-I', '--io-big', action='store_true', help='Sets "io_big" on the submitted jobs so it limits the machines in which the job is submitted to those that can do high-throughput.')
submit_parser.add_argument('job', metavar='command', nargs=argparse.REMAINDER, help = "The job that should be executed. Sometimes a -- is required to separate the job from other command line options.")
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