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Since version 1.0 there is also a local submission system introduced.
Instead of sending jobs to the SGE grid, it executes them in parallel processes on the local machine, using a simple scheduling system.
.. warning::
The new version of gridtk was completely rewritten and is no longer compatible with older versions of gridtk.
In particular, the database type has changed.
If you still have old ``submitted.db``, ``success.db`` or ``failure.db`` databases, please use an older version of gridtk to handle them.
.. warning::
Though tested thoroughly, this version might still be unstable and the reported statuses of the grid jobs might be incorrect.
If you are in doubt that the status is correct, please double-check with other grid utilities (like ``bin/grid qmon``).
In case you found any problem, please report it using the `bug reporting system <>`.
.. note::
In the current version, gridtk is compatible with python3.
Anyways, due to limitations of the working environment, the grid functionality is not tested with python 3.
However, with python 2.7 everything should work out fine.
This package uses the Buildout system to install it.
Please call::
$ python
$ bin/buildout
$ bin/sphinx-build docs sphinx
$ firefox sphinx/index.html
to create and open the documentation including even more information than given in this README below.
Submitting jobs to the SGE grid
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.. author: Manuel Günther <>
.. date: Fri Aug 30 14:31:49 CEST 2013
Welcome to GridTk's documentation!
The GridTK serves as a tool to submit jobs and keep track of their dependencies and their current statusus.
These jobs can either be submitted to an SGE grid, or to be run in parallel on the local machine.
There are two main ways to interact with the GridTK.
The easiest way is surely to use the command line interface, for details please read the :ref:`command_line` section.
It is also possible to use the GridTK in a program, the developer interface is described in the :ref:`developer` section.
.. toctree::
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.. Andre Anjos <>
.. Thu 25 Aug 2011 15:58:21 CEST
.. Thu 25 Aug 2011 15:58:21 CEST
The GridTk User Guide
.. _developer:
The ``gridtk`` framework is a python library to help submitting, tracking and
querying SGE. Here is quick example on how to use the ``gridtk`` framework to
submit a python script:
The GridTk User Guide
The ``gridtk`` framework is a python library to help submitting, tracking and querying SGE.
Here is quick example on how to use the ``gridtk`` framework to submit a python script:
.. code-block:: python
import sys
from gridtk.manager import JobManager
from gridtk.sge import JobManager
from import make_shell
manager = JobManager()
......@@ -23,15 +24,28 @@ submit a python script:
You can do, programatically, everything you can do with the job manager - just
browse the help messages and the ``jman`` script for more information.
Reference Manual
API to the Job Manager
API to the Job Managers
.. automodule:: gridtk.manager
.. automodule:: gridtk.sge
.. automodule:: gridtk.local
The Models of the SQL3 Databases
.. automodule:: gridtk.models
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