Commit 64f42c5a authored by Pavel KORSHUNOV's avatar Pavel KORSHUNOV

add check for memory format

parent b17ae274
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......@@ -125,9 +125,14 @@ def submit(args):
if args.log_dir is not None: kwargs['log_dir'] = args.log_dir
if args.dependencies is not None: kwargs['dependencies'] = args.dependencies
if args.qname != 'all.q': kwargs['hvmem'] = args.memory
# if this is a GPU queue, we set gpumem flag
# if this is a GPU queue and args.memory is provided, we set gpumem flag
# remove 'G' last character from the args.memory string
if args.qname in ('gpu', 'lgpu', 'sgpu'): kwargs['gpumem'] = args.memory[:-1]
if args.qname in ('gpu', 'lgpu', 'sgpu') and args.memory is not None:
# allow args.memory to have either <num>G or <num> format
if args.memory.isdigit():
kwargs['gpumem'] = args.memory # assign directly
elif args.memory.endswith('G'):
kwargs['gpumem'] = args.memory[:-1] # remove G at the end
if args.parallel is not None:
kwargs['pe_opt'] = "pe_mth %d" % args.parallel
if args.memory is not None:
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