Commit 25be2812 authored by Manuel Günther's avatar Manuel Günther
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Fixed python3 compatibility problem with new local scheduler IO.

parent 3b086aa2
......@@ -134,15 +134,15 @@ class JobManagerLocal(JobManager):
out, err = sys.stdout, sys.stderr
# create unbuffered files for writing output and error status
# create line-buffered files for writing output and error status
if array_job is not None:
out, err = open(array_job.std_out_file(), 'w', 0), open(array_job.std_err_file(), 'w', 0)
out, err = open(array_job.std_out_file(), 'w', 1), open(array_job.std_err_file(), 'w', 1)
out, err = open(job.std_out_file(), 'w', 0), open(job.std_err_file(), 'w', 0)
out, err = open(job.std_out_file(), 'w', 1), open(job.std_err_file(), 'w', 1)
# return the subprocess pipe to the process
return subprocess.Popen(command, env=environ, stdout=out, stderr=err)
return subprocess.Popen(command, env=environ, stdout=out, stderr=err, bufsize=1)
except OSError as e:
logger.error("Could not execute job '%s' locally,\nreason:\t%s,\ncommand_line\t%s:" % (self._format_log(job_id, array_id, len(job.array)), e, job.get_command_line()))
job.finish(117, array_id) # ASCII 'O'
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