For all packages:

  • Used svg build badges
  • Updated sphinx docs

bob.extension v2.3.9

  • Fixed documentation issues
  • Use non-encrypted version of
  • Adds a warning about compiling in debug mode. [doc] Adds a minimal buildout example.
  • Show the output of test commands
  • Changed some compilation flags
  • Show the output of test commands
  • Fix urls to match test expectation
  • Fix version number split
  • More efficient intersphinx mapping
  • Merge branch 'catch_ioerror' into 'master'
  • Add IOError catch clause for locally unavailable paths
  • Allow for multiple documentation server locations

bob.core v2.1.7

  • Changed the C++ logging framework

bob.math v2.1.0

  • Implemented Generalized SVD
  • Created python bindings for the SVD
  • Fixed signal issue with the SVD
  • Fixed MKL link in OSX

bob.measure v2.3.0

  • Change the style of function comments
  • Remove nan from scores and report FTA instead Report proper FMR, FNMR, FAR, FRR values
  • Added min_weighted_error_rate_threshold in test for raised exceptions
  • Implemented check on empty arrays for some functions -> raises excpetions now
  • Load score more efficiently for negatives and positives
  • Changed the ROC curve to implement what is required by 'The Handbook of Face Recognition'

bob.db.base v2.2.0

  • Move some functionality from to bob.db.base.Database v2.0.4

  • Improve compatibility with gcc-4.2.1 v2.2.1

  • Fixed gcc-4.2.1+libstdc++ compatibility (closes #25)
  • Added support for 16 bit gray png v2.0.14

  • Fix the failing tests with numpy 1.12

bob.ip.base v2.0.14

  • Improve compatibility with gcc-4.2.1

bob.ip.gabor v2.0.8

  • Improve compatibility with gcc-4.2.1

bob.ip.gabor v2.0.9

  • Fixed bug in the graph constructor (Issue #2)

bob.learn.linear v2.1.0

  • Testing better SVD for the PCA
  • Implemented Geodesic Flow Kernel for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

bob.learn.em v2.0.12

  • Improve compatibility with gcc-4.2.1
  • Fixed issue with the variance flooring in bob.learn.em.Gaussian

bob.learn.boosting v2.0.11

  • Improve compatibility with gcc-4.2.1

bob.db.iris v2.0.8

  • Updated the driver v2.0.7

  • Updated the driver

bob.db.mnist v2.0.7

  • Use webarchive to download mnist

bob.db.atnt v2.0.8

  • Added as a dependency

bob.ip.flandmark v2.1.4

  • Removed dependency from opencv face detector
  • Fixed issue with the locate() method when the bounding box exceeds the image boundaries