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Domain Specific Units
This section contains instructions on how to reproduce the experiments from Chapter 5 **Domain Specific Units**.
Exceptionally, these instructions will cover only the **Thermal** database.
This would avoid this section to be extremely large.
However, the same set of instructions applies to ALL heterogeneous face databases.
To see all the available databases, check::
$ --types database
List of registered databases:
- 1.0.0 @ <experiment>/
+ casia-nir-vis-2 --> database
+ cuhk-cufs --> database
+ cuhk-cufsf --> database
+ eprip --> database
+ fargo --> database
+ fargo_depth --> database
+ ldhf --> database
+ nivl --> database
+ pola_thermal --> database
+ thermal --> database
Thermal Experiments
The sequence of experiments in this subsection generates the necessary data that creates Figures 5.16, 5.17 and Table 5.10.
This covers the training using Siamese/Triplet Networks, using Incep. Res. v2 and Incep. Res. v1 as DCNN basis and adaptation of :math:`\beta + W` and :math:`\beta`.
Inception Resnet v2
The code below generates the cropped faces that are using to train the DSU for all the cases::
$ bob bio htface htface_baseline htface_idiap_msceleb_inception_v2_centerloss_gray thermal -- preprocess-training-data # generating prior
Siamese training adapting :math:`\beta + W`
The code below trains the DSUs for: :math:`\theta_{[1-1](\beta + W)}`, :math:`\theta_{[1-2](\beta + W)}`, :math:`\theta_{[1-4](\beta + W)}`, :math:`\theta_{[1-5](\beta + W)}` and :math:`\theta_{[1-6](\beta + W)}`::
$ bob bio htface htface_train_dsu siamese_inceptionv2_first_layer_nonshared_batch_norm thermal # Training DSU 1-1
$ bob bio htface htface_train_dsu siamese_inceptionv2_adapt_1_2_nonshared_batch_norm thermal # Training DSU 1-2
$ bob bio htface htface_train_dsu siamese_inceptionv2_adapt_1_4_nonshared_batch_norm thermal # Training DSU 1-4
$ bob bio htface htface_train_dsu siamese_inceptionv2_adapt_1_5_nonshared_batch_norm thermal # Training DSU 1-5
$ bob bio htface htface_train_dsu siamese_inceptionv2_adapt_1_6_nonshared_batch_norm thermal # Training DSU 1-6
With all the DSUs trained, the corresponding experiments are generated via the following bash commands::
$ bob bio htface htface_baseline siamese_inceptionv2_first_layer_nonshared_batch_norm thermal -vv
$ bob bio htface htface_baseline siamese_inceptionv2_adapt_1_2_nonshared_batch_norm thermal -vv
$ bob bio htface htface_baseline siamese_inceptionv2_adapt_1_4_nonshared_batch_norm thermal -vv
$ bob bio htface htface_baseline siamese_inceptionv2_adapt_1_5_nonshared_batch_norm thermal -vv
$ bob bio htface htface_baseline siamese_inceptionv2_adapt_1_6_nonshared_batch_norm thermal -vv
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