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Flattening samplesets; updates

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import random
import numpy as np
import bob.pipelines as mario
from bob.pipelines import Sample
from bob.pipelines import SampleSet
from bob.pipelines.utils import flatten_samplesets
def test_isinstance_nested():
class A:
......@@ -22,3 +30,39 @@ def test_isinstance_nested():
assert mario.utils.isinstance_nested(o, "o", C)
assert mario.utils.isinstance_nested(o, "o", B)
assert not mario.utils.isinstance_nested(o, "o", A)
def test_break_sample_set():
samplesets = []
n_samples = 10
X = np.ones(shape=(n_samples, 2), dtype=int)
# Creating a face list of samplesets
for i in range(n_samples):
[random.choice("abcde") for _ in range(5)]
for i, data in enumerate(X)
[random.choice("abcde") for _ in range(5)]
# Flatting the SSET
new_samplesets = flatten_samplesets(samplesets)
assert len(new_samplesets) == n_samples * n_samples
assert np.allclose([len(s) for s in new_samplesets], np.ones(n_samples * n_samples))
import copy
import pickle
import numpy as np
from bob.pipelines import SampleSet
def is_picklable(obj):
"""Test if an object is picklable or not."""
......@@ -96,8 +96,20 @@ def hash_string(key, bucket_size=1000):
return str(sum([ord(i) for i in (key)]) % bucket_size)
def breakdown_SampleSet(sampleset)
brokendown_list = []
for sample in sampleset:
return brokendown_list
\ No newline at end of file
def flatten_samplesets(samplesets):
new_samplesets = []
# Iterating over the samplesets
for sset in samplesets:
# Iterating over the samples, and deep copying each sampleset
# for each sample
for i, s in enumerate(sset):
new_sset = copy.deepcopy(sset)
new_sset.samples = [s]
# Very important step
# We need to redo the keys
new_sset.key = f"{new_sset.key}-{i}"
return new_samplesets
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