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Initial database

CONDA_ENVS_PATH: "conda-env"
CONDA_BLD_PATH: "conda-env"
- hash -r
- conda config --set always_yes yes --set changeps1 no
- conda info -a
# does not work on CI machines but works elsewhere
- sed -i "s|||g" environment.yml
- conda env create -vvv --file environment.yml
- source activate bob.paper.cvpr2018_facevuln
# this is a private link (works on the CI machine only)
- curl -o
- unzip
- buildout
- bin/ all download --missing
- bin/nosetests -sv .
- conda-env/.pkgs/*.tar.bz2
- conda-env/.pkgs/urls.txt
- conda-env/src_cache
image: continuumio/miniconda
- docker
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include README.rst buildout.cfg COPYING version.txt requirements.txt
recursive-include doc *.py *.rst *.ico *.png
.. vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 :
.. Mon Sep 11 10:23:39 CEST 2017
A Study of the Robustness of Face Recognition to Presentation Attacks
This package is part of the signal-processing and machine learning toolbox
Bob_. It contains the source code to reproduce the following paper::
title = {Deeply Vulnerable -- A Study of the Robustness of Face Recognition to Presentation Attacks},
author = {Mohammadi, Amir and Bhattacharjee, Sushil and Marcel, S{\'{e}}bastien},
journal = {IET biometrics},
year = {2017},
institution = {Idiap},
The installation instructions are based on conda_ and works on **Linux systems
only**. `Install conda`_ before continuing.
Once you have installed conda_, download the source code of this paper and
unpack it. Then, you can create a conda environment with the following
$ cd bob.paper.cvpr2018_facevuln
$ conda env create -f environment.yml
$ source activate bob.paper.cvpr2018_facevuln # activate the environment
$ buildout
$ bin/ all download --missing
$ bin/nosetests -sv . # test the installation
This will install all the required software to reproduce this paper.
Downloading the datasets
Four datasets are used in this study which are publicly available.
To download the datasets please refer to their websites:
* `Mobio`_
* `Replay Attack`_
* `Replay Mobile`_
Downloading the face recognition models
Pre-trained face recognition (FR) models can be downloaded from their
respective website as well.
* `VGG Face`_ (`VGG Face model`_)
* `LightCNN`_ (`LightCNN model`_)
* `FaceNet`_ (`FaceNet model`_)
The code will automatically download the VGG Face and LightCNN models and will
place them in the right place. So you may skip downloading those manually.
Please unzip the `FaceNet model`_ in the source directory with the name
ROC SDK experiments
`ROC SDK`_ version 1.9 is used in the paper.
The `ROC SDK`_ is a commercial product and a license is needed to use
it. You can skip the `ROC SDK`_ experiments if you do not have a license.
If you do, you will also need the Bob wrapper packages for using the ROC SDK.
These packages are available upon request.
Configuring the experiments
Now that you have downloaded the four databases. You need to set the paths to
those in the configuration files. Bob_ supports a configuration file
(``~/.bob_bio_databases.txt``) in your home directory to specify where the
databases are located. Please specify the paths for the database like below::
$ cat ~/.bob_bio_databases.txt
[YOUR_MSU_MFSD_MOD_DIRECTORY] = /databases/MSU-MFSD/scene01/
[YOUR_REPLAY_ATTACK_DIRECTORY] = /databases/replay/protocols/replayattack-database/
[YOUR_REPLAY_MOBILE_DIRECTORY] = /databases/replay-mobile/database/
Running the experiments
Follow the commands below to run the computational part of the experiments with
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/ -s isv-male
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
$ bin/
You can look at ``bin/ --help`` to find options for parallelization of
the runs. By default results are saved in the ``./results`` directory::
$ export RESULTS_DIR=./results
The score files (output of ```` commands) are also provided if you do
not want to run all the experiments again. You can extract them from
``./results/scores.tar.xz``. The score files can be used to generate the tables
and figures.
Generating the figures and tables
The ROC and EPC curves on the Mobio dataset::
$ bin/ -vvv \
-M 1e-5 -L 1e-3 -c EER \
-R mobio_nonorm_roc.pdf \
-E mobio_nonorm_epc.pdf \
-l VGG-Face LightCNN FaceNet ROC-SDK ISV \
-T "" "" \
-d \
$RESULTS_DIR/mobio/vgg-cosine/male/nonorm/scores-dev \
$RESULTS_DIR/mobio/lightcnn-cosine/male/nonorm/scores-dev \
$RESULTS_DIR/mobio/facenet-cosine/male/nonorm/scores-dev \
$RESULTS_DIR/mobio/rankone/male/nonorm/scores-dev \
$RESULTS_DIR/mobio/isv-male/male/nonorm/scores-dev \
-e \
$RESULTS_DIR/mobio/vgg-cosine/male/nonorm/scores-eval \
$RESULTS_DIR/mobio/lightcnn-cosine/male/nonorm/scores-eval \
$RESULTS_DIR/mobio/facenet-cosine/male/nonorm/scores-eval \
$RESULTS_DIR/mobio/rankone/male/nonorm/scores-eval \
Score distributions of ROC-SDK and VGG-Face on Mobio::
$ bin/ $RESULTS_DIR/mobio/rankone/male/nonorm/scores-{dev,eval} -o mobio_nonorm_rankone_hist.pdf
$ bin/ $RESULTS_DIR/mobio/vgg-cosine/male/nonorm/scores-{dev,eval} -o mobio_nonorm_vgg-cosine_hist.pdf
Vulnerability analysis tables::
$ # concatenate scores of all three PA datasets:
$ for licit in "licit" "spoof";
for dev in "dev" "eval";
for alg in "facenet-cosine" "isv" "lightcnn-cosine" "rankone" "vgg-cosine";
cat $RESULTS_DIR/replay/$alg/grandtest-${licit}/nonorm/scores-${dev} \
$RESULTS_DIR/msu-mfsd-mod/$alg/grandtest-${licit}/nonorm/scores-${dev} \
$RESULTS_DIR/replay-mobile/$alg/grandtest-${licit}/nonorm/scores-${dev} \
> $RESULTS_DIR/three-$alg-${licit}-${dev};
$ # print the table values:
$ echo "replay attack"
$ for alg in "vgg-cosine" "lightcnn-cosine" "facenet-cosine" "rankone" "isv" ; do echo $alg && bin/ $RESULTS_DIR/replay/$alg/grandtest-{licit,spoof}/nonorm/scores-{dev,eval}; done
$ echo "msu mfsd"
$ for alg in "vgg-cosine" "lightcnn-cosine" "facenet-cosine" "rankone" "isv" ; do echo $alg && bin/ $RESULTS_DIR/msu-mfsd-mod/$alg/grandtest-{licit,spoof}/nonorm/scores-{dev,eval}; done
$ echo "replay mobile"
$ for alg in "vgg-cosine" "lightcnn-cosine" "facenet-cosine" "rankone" "isv" ; do echo $alg && bin/ $RESULTS_DIR/replay-mobile/$alg/grandtest-{licit,spoof}/nonorm/scores-{dev,eval}; done
$ echo "all datasets"
$ for alg in "vgg-cosine" "lightcnn-cosine" "facenet-cosine" "rankone" "isv" ; do echo $alg && bin/ $RESULTS_DIR/three-$alg-{licit,spoof}-{dev,eval}; done
Score distribution of all three PA datasets combined::
$ bin/ -v $RESULTS_DIR/three-{vgg-cosine,lightcnn-cosine,facenet-cosine,rankone,isv}-{licit,spoof}-{dev,eval} -t VGG-Face,LightCNN,FaceNet,ROC-SDK,ISV -o allthree_dist.pdf
For questions or reporting issues to this software package, contact our
development `mailing list`_.
.. Place your references here:
.. _bob:
.. _mailing list:
.. _conda:
.. _install conda:
.. _paper:$$$$
.. _mobio:
.. _replay attack:
.. _replay mobile:
.. _msu mfsd:
.. _vgg face:
.. _vgg face model:
.. _lightcnn:
.. _lightcnn model:
.. _facenet:
.. _facenet model:
.. _roc sdk:
# see
from pkgutil import extend_path
__path__ = extend_path(__path__, __name__)
# see
from pkgutil import extend_path
__path__ = extend_path(__path__, __name__)
from . import script
from .utils import *
def get_config():
"""Returns a string containing the configuration information.
import bob.extension
return bob.extension.get_config(__name__)
# gets sphinx autodoc done right - don't remove it
__all__ = [_ for _ in dir() if not _.startswith('_')]
from .query import Database
def __appropriate__(*args):
"""Says object was actually declared here, and not in the import module.
Fixing sphinx warnings of not being able to find classes, when path is
shortened. Parameters:
*args: An iterable of objects to modify
Resolves `Sphinx referencing issues
for obj in args:
obj.__module__ = __name__
# gets sphinx autodoc done right - don't remove it
__all__ = [_ for _ in dir() if not _.startswith('_')]
#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Takes a list bona-fide files and generates their zei list.
%(prog)s <infile> <outfile>
%(prog)s -h | --help
-h --help Show this screen.
from collections import defaultdict
import six
def convert(infile, outfile):
bonafides = defaultdict(list)
with open(infile, 'rt') as f:
for line in f:
path, client_id = line.split()
zeis = defaultdict(list)
all_clients = list(bonafides.keys())
for bf_client_id, paths in bonafides.items():
for client_id in all_clients:
if client_id == bf_client_id:
zeis[client_id] += six.moves.zip_longest(
paths, [bf_client_id], fillvalue=bf_client_id)
with open(outfile, 'wt') as f:
for client_id, paths in zeis.items():
for path, bf_client_id in paths:
f.write('{0} {1} {1} {2}\n'.format(
path, client_id, bf_client_id))
def main():
import sys
import os
import docopt
completions = dict(
args = docopt.docopt(
__doc__ % completions,
convert(args['<infile>'], args['<outfile>'])
if __name__ == '__main__':
from bob.paper.cvpr2018_facevuln.database import Database
database_licit = Database(original_directory=ORIGINAL_DIRECTORY, protocol='licit')
database_spoof = Database(original_directory=ORIGINAL_DIRECTORY, protocol='spoof')
Bonafide/A/photos/no_coop/DSCN3121.JPG A
Bonafide/A/photos/with_coop/DSCN3115.JPG A
Bonafide/B/photos/no_coop/DSCN3100.JPG B
Bonafide/B/photos/with_coop/DSCN3095.JPG B
Bonafide/C/photos/no_coop/DSCN3188.JPG C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3167.JPG C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3192.JPG C
Bonafide/D/photos/with_coop/DSCN3105.JPG D
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3148.JPG E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3149.JPG E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3150.JPG E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3151.JPG E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3152.JPG E
Bonafide/E/photos/with_coop/DSCN3142.JPG E
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3131.JPG F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3132.JPG F
Bonafide/F/photos/with_coop/DSCN3126.JPG F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i0_003.h5 E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i1_004.h5 E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i2_005.h5 E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i3_006.h5 E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i0_007.h5 F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i1_008.h5 F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i2_009.h5 F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i3_010.h5 F
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i0_061.h5 A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i1_062.h5 A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i2_063.h5 A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i3_064.h5 A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/B_gen_i0_006.h5 B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/B_gen_i3_002.h5 B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/B_Gen_i2_001.h5 B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/D_gen_i0_001.h5 D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/D_gen_i1_003.h5 D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/D_gen_i2_004.h5 D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/D_gen_i3_005.h5 D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/B_genglasses_i0_005.h5 B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/B_genglasses_i1_006.h5 B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/B_genglasses_i2_007.h5 B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/B_genglasses_i3_008.h5 B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/D_genglasses_i0_001.h5 D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/D_genglasses_i1_002.h5 D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/D_genglasses_i2_003.h5 D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/D_genglasses_i3_004.h5 D
Bonafide/A/photos/with_coop/DSCN3115.JPG A A
Bonafide/B/photos/with_coop/DSCN3095.JPG B B
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3167.JPG C C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3192.JPG C C
Bonafide/D/photos/with_coop/DSCN3105.JPG D D
Bonafide/E/photos/with_coop/DSCN3142.JPG E E
Bonafide/F/photos/with_coop/DSCN3126.JPG F F
Bonafide/A/photos/no_coop/DSCN3121.JPG A A A
Bonafide/B/photos/no_coop/DSCN3100.JPG B B B
Bonafide/C/photos/no_coop/DSCN3188.JPG C C C
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3148.JPG E E E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3149.JPG E E E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3150.JPG E E E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3151.JPG E E E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3152.JPG E E E
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3131.JPG F F F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3132.JPG F F F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i0_003.h5 E E E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i1_004.h5 E E E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i2_005.h5 E E E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i3_006.h5 E E E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i0_007.h5 F F F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i1_008.h5 F F F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i2_009.h5 F F F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i3_010.h5 F F F
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i0_061.h5 A A A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i1_062.h5 A A A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i2_063.h5 A A A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i3_064.h5 A A A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/B_gen_i0_006.h5 B B B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/B_gen_i3_002.h5 B B B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/B_Gen_i2_001.h5 B B B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/D_gen_i0_001.h5 D D D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/D_gen_i1_003.h5 D D D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/D_gen_i2_004.h5 D D D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/D_gen_i3_005.h5 D D D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/B_genglasses_i0_005.h5 B B B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/B_genglasses_i1_006.h5 B B B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/B_genglasses_i2_007.h5 B B B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/B_genglasses_i3_008.h5 B B B
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/D_genglasses_i0_001.h5 D D D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/D_genglasses_i1_002.h5 D D D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/D_genglasses_i2_003.h5 D D D
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/withglasses/D_genglasses_i3_004.h5 D D D
Bonafide/A/photos/no_coop/DSCN3121.JPG B B A
Bonafide/A/photos/no_coop/DSCN3121.JPG C C A
Bonafide/A/photos/no_coop/DSCN3121.JPG D D A
Bonafide/A/photos/no_coop/DSCN3121.JPG E E A
Bonafide/A/photos/no_coop/DSCN3121.JPG F F A
Bonafide/A/photos/with_coop/DSCN3115.JPG B B A
Bonafide/A/photos/with_coop/DSCN3115.JPG C C A
Bonafide/A/photos/with_coop/DSCN3115.JPG D D A
Bonafide/A/photos/with_coop/DSCN3115.JPG E E A
Bonafide/A/photos/with_coop/DSCN3115.JPG F F A
Bonafide/B/photos/no_coop/DSCN3100.JPG A A B
Bonafide/B/photos/no_coop/DSCN3100.JPG C C B
Bonafide/B/photos/no_coop/DSCN3100.JPG D D B
Bonafide/B/photos/no_coop/DSCN3100.JPG E E B
Bonafide/B/photos/no_coop/DSCN3100.JPG F F B
Bonafide/B/photos/with_coop/DSCN3095.JPG A A B
Bonafide/B/photos/with_coop/DSCN3095.JPG C C B
Bonafide/B/photos/with_coop/DSCN3095.JPG D D B
Bonafide/B/photos/with_coop/DSCN3095.JPG E E B
Bonafide/B/photos/with_coop/DSCN3095.JPG F F B
Bonafide/C/photos/no_coop/DSCN3188.JPG A A C
Bonafide/C/photos/no_coop/DSCN3188.JPG B B C
Bonafide/C/photos/no_coop/DSCN3188.JPG D D C
Bonafide/C/photos/no_coop/DSCN3188.JPG E E C
Bonafide/C/photos/no_coop/DSCN3188.JPG F F C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3167.JPG A A C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3167.JPG B B C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3167.JPG D D C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3167.JPG E E C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3167.JPG F F C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3192.JPG A A C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3192.JPG B B C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3192.JPG D D C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3192.JPG E E C
Bonafide/C/photos/with_coop/DSCN3192.JPG F F C
Bonafide/D/photos/with_coop/DSCN3105.JPG A A D
Bonafide/D/photos/with_coop/DSCN3105.JPG B B D
Bonafide/D/photos/with_coop/DSCN3105.JPG C C D
Bonafide/D/photos/with_coop/DSCN3105.JPG E E D
Bonafide/D/photos/with_coop/DSCN3105.JPG F F D
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3148.JPG A A E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3148.JPG B B E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3148.JPG C C E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3148.JPG D D E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3148.JPG F F E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3149.JPG A A E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3149.JPG B B E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3149.JPG C C E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3149.JPG D D E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3149.JPG F F E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3150.JPG A A E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3150.JPG B B E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3150.JPG C C E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3150.JPG D D E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3150.JPG F F E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3151.JPG A A E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3151.JPG B B E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3151.JPG C C E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3151.JPG D D E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3151.JPG F F E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3152.JPG A A E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3152.JPG B B E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3152.JPG C C E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3152.JPG D D E
Bonafide/E/photos/no_coop/DSCN3152.JPG F F E
Bonafide/E/photos/with_coop/DSCN3142.JPG A A E
Bonafide/E/photos/with_coop/DSCN3142.JPG B B E
Bonafide/E/photos/with_coop/DSCN3142.JPG C C E
Bonafide/E/photos/with_coop/DSCN3142.JPG D D E
Bonafide/E/photos/with_coop/DSCN3142.JPG F F E
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3131.JPG A A F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3131.JPG B B F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3131.JPG C C F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3131.JPG D D F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3131.JPG E E F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3132.JPG A A F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3132.JPG B B F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3132.JPG C C F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3132.JPG D D F
Bonafide/F/photos/no_coop/DSCN3132.JPG E E F
Bonafide/F/photos/with_coop/DSCN3126.JPG A A F
Bonafide/F/photos/with_coop/DSCN3126.JPG B B F
Bonafide/F/photos/with_coop/DSCN3126.JPG C C F
Bonafide/F/photos/with_coop/DSCN3126.JPG D D F
Bonafide/F/photos/with_coop/DSCN3126.JPG E E F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i0_003.h5 A A E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i0_003.h5 B B E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i0_003.h5 C C E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i0_003.h5 D D E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i0_003.h5 F F E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i1_004.h5 A A E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i1_004.h5 B B E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i1_004.h5 C C E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i1_004.h5 D D E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i1_004.h5 F F E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i2_005.h5 A A E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i2_005.h5 B B E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i2_005.h5 C C E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i2_005.h5 D D E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i2_005.h5 F F E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i3_006.h5 A A E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i3_006.h5 B B E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i3_006.h5 C C E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i3_006.h5 D D E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/E_gen_i3_006.h5 F F E
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i0_007.h5 A A F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i0_007.h5 B B F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i0_007.h5 C C F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i0_007.h5 D D F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i0_007.h5 E E F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i1_008.h5 A A F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i1_008.h5 B B F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i1_008.h5 C C F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i1_008.h5 D D F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i1_008.h5 E E F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i2_009.h5 A A F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i2_009.h5 B B F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i2_009.h5 C C F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i2_009.h5 D D F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i2_009.h5 E E F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i3_010.h5 A A F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i3_010.h5 B B F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i3_010.h5 C C F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i3_010.h5 D D F
Mask_Batl_Data/bonafide/F_gen_i3_010.h5 E E F
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i0_061.h5 B B A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i0_061.h5 C C A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i0_061.h5 D D A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i0_061.h5 E E A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i0_061.h5 F F A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i1_062.h5 B B A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i1_062.h5 C C A
Mask_Batl_Data4_BonaFide/captured/no_glasses/A_gen_i1_062.h5 D D A