Commit f157041c authored by Pavel KORSHUNOV's avatar Pavel KORSHUNOV
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fixed test database

parent cf1fca65
...@@ -61,9 +61,10 @@ class Interface(BaseInterface): ...@@ -61,9 +61,10 @@ class Interface(BaseInterface):
return '0.0.1' return '0.0.1'
def files(self): def files(self):
from pkg_resources import resource_filename # from pkg_resources import resource_filename
raw_files = ('*.wav',) # raw_files = ('*.wav',)
return [resource_filename(__name__, k) for k in raw_files] # return [resource_filename(__name__, k) for k in raw_files]
return ()
def type(self): def type(self):
return 'rawfiles' return 'rawfiles'
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