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cleaned reminants of antispoofing.utils

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......@@ -74,15 +74,15 @@ class LogRegrAlgorithm(Algorithm):
# save the trained model to file for future use
hdf5file =, "w")
from import norm
from bob.pad.voice.utils import extraction
mean = None
std = None
# reduce the feature space using PCA
if self.use_PCA_training or self.normalize_features:
mean, std = norm.calc_mean_std(real_features, attack_features, nonStdZero=True)
real_features = norm.zeromean_unitvar_norm(real_features, mean, std)
attack_features = norm.zeromean_unitvar_norm(attack_features, mean, std)
mean, std = extraction.calc_mean_std(real_features, attack_features, nonStdZero=True)
real_features = extraction.zeromean_unitvar_norm(real_features, mean, std)
attack_features = extraction.zeromean_unitvar_norm(attack_features, mean, std)
if self.use_PCA_training:
pca_trainer = bob.learn.linear.PCATrainer()
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