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#!/usr/bin/env python2
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
This file contains configurations to run Image Quality Measures (IQM) and one-class GMM based face PAD algorithm.
The settings of the preprocessor and extractor are tuned for the Replay-attack database.
The IQM features used in this algorithm/resource are introduced in the following papers: [WHJ15]_ and [CBVM16]_.
sub_directory = 'qm_one_class_gmm'
Sub-directory where results will be placed.
You may change this setting using the ``--sub-directory`` command-line option
or the attribute ``sub_directory`` in a configuration file loaded **after**
this resource.
# define preprocessor:
from ..preprocessor import FaceCropAlign
from import Wrapper
from import FrameSelector
FACE_SIZE = 64 # The size of the resulting face
RGB_OUTPUT_FLAG = True # RGB output
USE_FACE_ALIGNMENT = False # use annotations
MAX_IMAGE_SIZE = None # no limiting here
FACE_DETECTION_METHOD = None # use annotations
MIN_FACE_SIZE = 50 # skip small faces
_image_preprocessor = FaceCropAlign(face_size = FACE_SIZE,
rgb_output_flag = RGB_OUTPUT_FLAG,
use_face_alignment = USE_FACE_ALIGNMENT,
max_image_size = MAX_IMAGE_SIZE,
face_detection_method = FACE_DETECTION_METHOD,
min_face_size = MIN_FACE_SIZE)
_frame_selector = FrameSelector(selection_style = "all")
preprocessor = Wrapper(preprocessor = _image_preprocessor,
frame_selector = _frame_selector)
In the preprocessing stage the face is cropped in each frame of the input video given facial annotations.
The size of the face is normalized to ``FACE_SIZE`` dimensions. The faces of the size
below ``MIN_FACE_SIZE`` threshold are discarded. The preprocessor is similar to the one introduced in
[CAM12]_, which is defined by ``FACE_DETECTION_METHOD = None``. The preprocessed frame is the RGB
facial image, which is defined by ``RGB_OUTPUT_FLAG = True``.
# define extractor:
from ..extractor import ImageQualityMeasure
from import Wrapper
MSU = True
DTYPE = None
extractor = Wrapper(ImageQualityMeasure(galbally=GALBALLY, msu=MSU, dtype=DTYPE))
In the feature extraction stage the Image Quality Measures are extracted from each frame of the preprocessed RGB video.
The features to be computed are introduced in the following papers: [WHJ15]_ and [CBVM16]_.
# define algorithm:
from bob.pad.base.algorithm import OneClassGMM
algorithm = OneClassGMM(
The GMM with 50 clusters is trained using samples from the real class only. The pre-trained
GMM is next used to classify the data into *real* and *attack* classes.
One score is produced for each frame of the input video, ``frame_level_scores_flag = True``.
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