Commit c5f8650a authored by Theophile GENTILHOMME's avatar Theophile GENTILHOMME
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[script][figure] Remove hardcoded markersize

parent 7371a023
...@@ -611,14 +611,12 @@ class BaseDetRoc(PadPlot): ...@@ -611,14 +611,12 @@ class BaseDetRoc(PadPlot):
farfrr_licit_det[1], farfrr_licit_det[1],
'o', 'o',
color='C0', color='C0',
) # FAR point, licit scenario ) # FAR point, licit scenario
mpl.plot( mpl.plot(
farfrr_spoof_det[0], farfrr_spoof_det[0],
farfrr_spoof_det[1], farfrr_spoof_det[1],
'o', 'o',
color='C3', color='C3',
) # FAR point, spoof scenario ) # FAR point, spoof scenario
# annotate the FAR points # annotate the FAR points
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