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[script][vuln_commands] Add ROC Command

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......@@ -106,6 +106,51 @@ def gen(outdir, mean_gen, mean_zei, mean_pa):
@common_options.scores_argument(min_arg=2, force_eval=True, nargs=-1)
@click.option('-c', '--criteria', default=None, show_default=True,
help='Criteria for threshold selection',
type=click.Choice(('eer', 'min-hter', 'bpcer20')))
@click.option('--real-data/--no-real-data', default=True, show_default=True,
help='If False, will annotate the plots hypothetically, instead '
'of with real data values of the calculated error rates.')
def roc(ctx, scores, criteria, real_data, **kwargs):
"""Plot ROC
You need to provide 4 scores
files for each PAD system in this order:
* licit development scores
* licit evaluation scores
* spoof development scores
* spoof evaluation scores
$ bob pad roc dev-scores eval-scores
$ bob pad roc {licit,spoof}/scores-{dev,eval}
process = figure.RocVuln(ctx, scores, True, load.split, criteria, real_data,
@common_options.scores_argument(min_arg=2, force_eval=True, nargs=-1)
......@@ -141,7 +186,7 @@ def det(ctx, scores, criteria, real_data, **kwargs):
* spoof evaluation scores
$ bob pad det --no-spoof dev-scores eval-scores
$ bob pad det dev-scores eval-scores
$ bob pad det {licit,spoof}/scores-{dev,eval}
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