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[DOC] Add documentation about vanilla-pad decision function

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......@@ -142,12 +142,16 @@ To build such a pipeline, the following configuration file can be created:
The pipeline can then be executed with the command::
$ bob pad vanilla-pad -d -p -o output_dir
$ bob pad vanilla-pad -d -p -f predict -o output_dir
When executed with vanilla-pad, every training sample will pass through the pipeline, executing the ``fit`` methods.
Then, every sample of the `dev` set (and/or the `eval` set) will be given to the `transform` method of ``my_transformer`` and the result is passed to the `predict` method of ``my_classifier``.
The output of the classifier (scores) is written to a file.
.. note::
By default, vanilla-pad expects the classifier to have a `decision_function` method to call for the prediction step. It can be changed with the '-f' switch to the prediction method of your classifier, in our case the `predict` method.
.. _bob.pad.base.using_sklearn_classifiers:
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