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Options to use database annotations function instead of PadFile.annotations

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......@@ -9,13 +9,15 @@ from .abstract_classes import Database
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def _padfile_to_delayed_sample(padfile, database):
def _padfile_to_delayed_sample(padfile, database, use_db_annotations):
return DelayedSample(
delayed_attributes=dict(annotations=lambda : padfile.annotations),
annotations=lambda: database.annotations(padfile) if use_db_annotations else padfile.annotations
is_bonafide=padfile.attack_type is None,
......@@ -34,16 +36,17 @@ class DatabaseConnector(Database):
def __init__(
self, database, annotation_type="eyes-center", fixed_positions=None, **kwargs
self, database, annotation_type="eyes-center", use_db_annotations=False, fixed_positions=None, **kwargs
self.database = database
self.annotation_type = annotation_type
self.use_db_annotations = use_db_annotations
self.fixed_positions = fixed_positions
def fit_samples(self):
objects = self.database.training_files(flat=True)
return [_padfile_to_delayed_sample(k, self.database) for k in objects]
return [_padfile_to_delayed_sample(k, self.database, self.use_db_annotations) for k in objects]
def predict_samples(self, group="dev"):
objects = self.database.all_files(groups=group, flat=True)
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