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Should fix issue 14

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......@@ -86,12 +86,12 @@ def main(command_line_options = None):
mpl.xlim([1, max_rank])
plot.detection_identification_curve(data, rank = args.rank, color=(0,0,1), linestyle='--', dashes=(6,2), logx = args.log_x_scale)
mpl.title("Detection & Identification Curve")
mpl.title("Detection \& Identification Curve")
if args.log_x_scale:
mpl.xlabel('False Acceptance Rate (log) in %')
mpl.xlabel('False Acceptance Rate in %')
mpl.ylabel('Detection & Identification Rate in %')
mpl.ylabel('Detection \& Identification Rate in %')
ticks = ["%s"%(t*100) for t in mpl.xticks()[0]]
mpl.xticks(mpl.xticks()[0], ticks)
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