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Undo fix that conflicts with MR that closed #19

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......@@ -216,10 +216,10 @@ def test_plots():
# EPC curve, you need to have a development and a test set. We will split,
# by the middle, the negatives and positives sample we have, just for the
# sake of testing
dev_negatives = negatives[:int(negatives.shape[0]/2)]
test_negatives = negatives[int(negatives.shape[0]/2):]
dev_positives = positives[:int(positives.shape[0]/2)]
test_positives = positives[int(positives.shape[0]/2):]
dev_negatives = negatives[:(negatives.shape[0]/2)]
test_negatives = negatives[(negatives.shape[0]/2):]
dev_positives = positives[:(positives.shape[0]/2)]
test_positives = positives[(positives.shape[0]/2):]
xy = epc(dev_negatives, dev_positives,
test_negatives, test_positives, 100)
# uncomment the next line to save a reference value
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