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Re-added functions to load score files with generators; and use them in split_{four,five}_column

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......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
import numpy
import csv
import tarfile
import os
......@@ -135,8 +136,8 @@ def split_four_column(filename):
score_lines = load_score(filename, 4)
return get_negatives_positives(score_lines)
score_lines = load_score_with_generator(filename, 4)
return get_negatives_positives_from_generator(score_lines)
def cmc_four_column(filename):
......@@ -264,8 +265,8 @@ def split_five_column(filename):
score_lines = load_score(filename, 5)
return get_negatives_positives(score_lines)
score_lines = load_score_with_generator(filename, 5)
return get_negatives_positives_from_generator(score_lines)
def cmc_five_column(filename):
......@@ -312,6 +313,65 @@ def cmc_five_column(filename):
return _convert_cmc_scores(neg_dict, pos_dict)
4 : ('claimed_id', 'real_id', 'test_label', 'score'),
5 : ('claimed_id', 'model_label', 'real_id', 'test_label', 'score')
def load_score_with_generator(filename, ncolumns=None):
"""Load scores using :py:class:`csv.reader` and yield the scores line by line in a dictionary.
filename (:py:class:`str`, ``file-like``): The file object that will be
opened with :py:func:`open_file` containing the scores.
ncolumns (:py:class:`int`, optional): 4, 5 or None (the default),
specifying the number of columns in the score file. If None is provided,
the number of columns will be guessed.
line: A dictionary which contains not only the actual ``score`` but also the
``claimed_id``, ``real_id``, ``test_label`` (and ``['model_label']``)
if ncolumns is None:
f = open_file(filename)
line = f.readline()
ncolumns = len(line.split())
except Exception:
logger.warn('Could not guess the number of columns in file: {}. '
'Assuming 4 column format.'.format(filename))
ncolumns = 4
elif ncolumns not in (4,5):
raise ValueError("ncolumns of 4 and 5 are supported only.")
names = COLUMNS[ncolumns]
r = csv.reader(open_file(filename, mode='rb'), delimiter=' ')
for n, splits in enumerate(r):
assert len(splits) == ncolumns, "The line %d: %s of file %s is not compatible" % (n, " ".join(splits), filename)
splits[-1] = float(splits[-1])
yield {names[i] : splits[i] for i in range(ncolumns)}
def get_negatives_positives_from_generator(score_lines):
"""Take the output of :py:func:`load_score_with_generator` and return negatives and positives. This
function aims to replace split_four_column and split_five_column but takes a
different input. It's up to you to use which one.
positives, negatives = [], []
for line in score_lines:
which = positives if line['claimed_id'] == line['real_id'] else negatives
return (numpy.array(negatives), numpy.array(positives))
def load_score(filename, ncolumns=None):
"""Load scores using numpy.loadtxt and return the data as a numpy array.
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