Commit 2e014dc1 authored by Amir MOHAMMADI's avatar Amir MOHAMMADI

Det values are in percentage

parent 18ab16a4
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......@@ -447,8 +447,8 @@ class Det(PlotBase):
def __init__(self, ctx, scores, evaluation, func_load):
super(Det, self).__init__(ctx, scores, evaluation, func_load)
self._title = self._title or 'DET'
self._x_label = self._x_label or 'False Positive Rate'
self._y_label = self._y_label or 'False Negative Rate'
self._x_label = self._x_label or 'False Positive Rate (%)'
self._y_label = self._y_label or 'False Negative Rate (%)'
self._legend_loc = self._legend_loc or 'upper right'
if self._far_at is not None:
self._trans_far_val = [ppndf(float(k)) for k in self._far_at]
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