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Add bob.measure.cli entry and implement bob measure evaluate using code of

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......@@ -41,6 +41,6 @@ def split(filename):
the first column containing -1 or 1 (i.e. negative or
positive) and the second the scores
return None, None
return (None, None)
return (scores[numpy.where(neg_pos == -1)],
scores[numpy.where(neg_pos == 1)])
import numpy
def remove_nan(scores):
"""removes the NaNs from the scores"""
nans = numpy.isnan(scores)
sum_nans = sum(nans)
total = len(scores)
if sum_nans > 0:
logger.warning('Found {} NaNs in {} scores'.format(sum_nans, total))
return scores[numpy.where(~nans)], sum_nans, total
def get_fta(scores):
"""calculates the Failure To Acquire (FtA) rate"""
fta_sum, fta_total = 0, 0
neg, sum_nans, total = remove_nan(scores[0])
fta_sum += sum_nans
fta_total += total
pos, sum_nans, total = remove_nan(scores[1])
fta_sum += sum_nans
fta_total += total
return ((neg, pos), fta_sum / fta_total)
'''Stores click common options for plots'''
import logging
import click
from click.types import INT, FLOAT, Choice, File
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.backends.backend_pdf import PdfPages
from bob.extension.scripts.click_helper import verbosity_option
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def plot_options(f):
# more import options go down the list here.
f = click.pass_context(f)
f = verbosity_option()(f)
f = click.option(
'--style', multiple=True, type=click.types.Choice(,
help='The matplotlib style to use for plotting. You can provide '
'multiple styles by repeating this option')(f)
f = click.option(
'--titles', help='The title for each system comma separated. '
'Example: --titles ISV,CNN')(f)
f = click.option(
'--top', type=FLOAT,
help='To give to ``plt.subplots_adjust(top=top)``. If given, first '
'plt.tight_layout is called. If you want to tight_layout to be called,'
' then you need to provide this option.')(f)
f = click.option(
'--legend-ncol', default=3, show_default=True,
help='The number of columns of the legend layout.')(f)
f = click.option(
'--figsize', help='If given, will run '
'``plt.figure(figsize=figsize)(f)``. Example: --fig-size 4,6')(f)
# f = click.option(
# '--y2-label',
# help='The id of figures which should have y2_label separated by '
# 'comma. For example ``--y2-label 1,2,4``.')(f)
f = click.option(
help='The id of figures which should have y1_label separated by '
'comma. For example ``--y1-label 1,2,4``.')(f)
f = click.option(
help='The id of figures which should have x_label separated by '
'comma. For example ``--x-label 1,2,4``.')(f)
f = click.option(
'--subplot', type=INT, default=111,
show_default=True, help='The order of subplots.')(f)
f = click.option(
'-o', '--output', type=File(mode='wb'),
default='plots.pdf', show_default=True,
help='The file to save the plots in.')(f)
return f
def normalize_options(ctx, n_systems, output, subplot, style, x_label,
y1_label, figsize, legend_ncol, top, titles,
if style:
ctx.meta['output'] = output
ctx.meta['PdfPages'] = PdfPages(output)
ctx.meta['x_label'] = x_label if x_label is None else \
[int(x) for x in x_label.split(',')]
ctx.meta['y1_label'] = y1_label if y1_label is None else \
[int(x) for x in y1_label.split(',')]
ctx.meta['y2_label'] = y2_label if y2_label is None else \
[int(x) for x in y2_label.split(',')]
ctx.meta['subplot'] = subplot
nrows = subplot // 10
nrows, ncols = divmod(nrows, 10)
logger.debug('Got %d, %d for nrows and ncols', nrows, ncols)
ctx.meta['nrows_ncols'] = nrows, ncols
ctx.meta['figsize'] = figsize if figsize is None else \
[float(x) for x in figsize.split(',')]
ctx.meta['legend_ncol'] = legend_ncol
ctx.meta['top'] = top
ctx.meta['titles'] = titles if titles is None else titles.split(',')
nrows, ncols = ctx.meta['nrows_ncols']
if nrows * ncols < n_systems:
logger.error("The number of subplots is smaller than the number of "
"systems. I will plot one system a column. Use --subplot "
"to remove this error.")
nrows, ncols = 1, n_systems
ctx.meta['nrows'], ctx.meta['ncols'] = nrows, ncols
ctx.meta['titles'] = ctx.meta['titles'] or [None] * n_systems
# Try to automatically figure out where to place labels
# x_label should be True if row == -1
# y1_label should be True if col == 0
# y2_label should be True if col == -1
ctx.meta['x_label'] = ctx.meta['x_label'] or \
[x for x in range(1, n_systems + 1)
if ((x - 1) // ncols) == (nrows - 1)]
ctx.meta['y1_label'] = ctx.meta['y1_label'] or \
[x for x in range(1, n_systems + 1)
if ((x - 1) % ncols) == 0]
ctx.meta['y2_label'] = ctx.meta.get('y2_label', None) or \
[x for x in range(1, n_systems + 1)
if ((x - 1) % ncols) == (ncols - 1)]
return ctx
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"""The main entry for bob.measure (click-based) scripts.
import click
import pkg_resources
from click_plugins import with_plugins
def measure():
"""Entry for bob.measure commands."""
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ setup(
description='Evalution metrics for Bob',
description='Evaluation metrics for Bob',
author='Andre Anjos',
......@@ -65,11 +65,14 @@ setup(
'console_scripts': [
' = bob.measure.script.compute_perf:main',
' = bob.measure.script.eval_threshold:main',
' = bob.measure.script.apply_threshold:main',
' = bob.measure.script.plot_cmc:main',
# main entry for bob measure cli
'bob.cli': [
'measure = bob.measure.script.measure:measure',
# bob measure scripts
'bob.measure.cli': [
'evaluate = bob.measure.script.evaluate:evaluate',
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