Commit 7ac847c8 authored by Amir MOHAMMADI's avatar Amir MOHAMMADI
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Remove unused variable

parent 65469690
......@@ -305,17 +305,6 @@ def inception_resnet_v2(inputs,
end_points = {}
batch_norm_params = {
# Decay for the moving averages.
'decay': 0.995,
# epsilon to prevent 0s in variance.
'epsilon': 0.001,
# force in-place updates of mean and variance estimates
'updates_collections': None,
# Moving averages ends up in the trainable variables collection
'variables_collections': [tf.GraphKeys.TRAINABLE_VARIABLES],
with tf.variable_scope(scope, 'InceptionResnetV2', [inputs], reuse=reuse):
with slim.arg_scope(
[slim.batch_norm, slim.dropout],
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