Commit 5166896e authored by Amir MOHAMMADI's avatar Amir MOHAMMADI
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Fix the db to tfrecods tests

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......@@ -3,14 +3,15 @@ import shutil
import pkg_resources
import tempfile
from click.testing import CliRunner
from bob.learn.tensorflow.script.db_to_tfrecords import db_to_tfrecords, describe_tf_record
from import create_directories_safe
from bob.learn.tensorflow.script.db_to_tfrecords import (
db_to_tfrecords, describe_tf_record)
from bob.learn.tensorflow.utils import load_mnist, create_mnist_tfrecord
regenerate_reference = False
dummy_config = pkg_resources.resource_filename(
'bob.learn.tensorflow', 'test/data/')
'bob.learn.tensorflow', 'test/data/')
def test_db_to_tfrecords():
......@@ -52,20 +53,21 @@ def test_db_to_tfrecords_size_estimate():
def test_tfrecord_counter():
tfrecord_train = "./tf-train-test/train_mnist.tfrecord"
shape = (3136,) # I'm saving the thing as float
shape = (3136,) # I'm saving the thing as float
batch_size = 1000
train_data, train_labels, validation_data, validation_labels = load_mnist()
train_data, train_labels, validation_data, validation_labels = \
tfrecord_train, train_data, train_labels, n_samples=6000)
n_samples, n_labels = describe_tf_record(os.path.dirname(tfrecord_train), shape, batch_size)
n_samples, n_labels = describe_tf_record(
os.path.dirname(tfrecord_train), shape, batch_size)
assert n_samples == 6000
assert n_labels == 10
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