Commit e0ea7c3d authored by André Anjos's avatar André Anjos 💬

Compliance with new bob.buildout build scheme

parent edbe7ef3
......@@ -6,10 +6,13 @@
bob_packages = ['bob.core', '']
from setuptools import setup, find_packages, dist
dist.Distribution(dict(setup_requires=['bob.blitz'] + bob_packages))
dist.Distribution(dict(setup_requires=['bob.extension', 'bob.blitz'] + bob_packages))
from bob.extension.utils import egrep, find_header, find_library
from bob.blitz.extension import Extension, Library, build_ext
from bob.extension.utils import load_requirements
build_requires = load_requirements()
packages = ['boost']
boost_modules = ['system', 'filesystem']
......@@ -166,12 +169,8 @@ setup(
setup_requires = build_requires,
install_requires = build_requires,
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