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[doc] fix sphinx warnings

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......@@ -15,12 +15,30 @@ cpp:type bob::io
cpp:type bob::io::base
cpp:type bob::io::base::HDF5File
cpp:type svm_model
cpp:typeOrConcept size_t
cpp:typeOrConcept std
cpp:typeOrConcept std::vector
cpp:typeOrConcept std::string
cpp:typeOrConcept boost
cpp:typeOrConcept boost::shared_ptr
cpp:typeOrConcept blitz
cpp:typeOrConcept blitz::Array
cpp:typeOrConcept bob
cpp:typeOrConcept bob::learn
cpp:typeOrConcept bob::learn::libsvm
cpp:typeOrConcept bob::learn::libsvm::Machine
cpp:typeOrConcept bob::io
cpp:typeOrConcept bob::io::base
cpp:typeOrConcept bob::io::base::HDF5File
cpp:typeOrConcept svm_model
# This is a C type that Sphinx confuses as a C++ type
cpp:type PyObject
cpp:typeOrConcept PyObject
# Not available in Python 3.x
c:type PyStringObject
c:typeOrConcept PyStringObject
# This is not properly documented in Python 2.7, but works in Python 3.x
py:exc RuntimeError
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