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......@@ -152,6 +152,40 @@ instead, this can be set before calling the
>>> trainer.kernel_type = 'LINEAR'
One Class SVM
On the other hand, the package allows you to train a One Class Support Vector Machine. For training this kind of classifier take into account the following example.
.. doctest::
>>> pos = 0.4 * numpy.random.randn(100, 2).astype(numpy.float64)
>>> data = [pos]
>>> print(data) # doctest: +SKIP
As the above example, an SVM [1]_ for one class problem can be trained easily using the
:py:class:`bob.learn.libsvm.Trainer` class and selecting the appropiete machine_type (ONE_CLASS).
.. doctest::
>>> trainer = bob.learn.libsvm.Trainer(machine_type='ONE_CLASS')
>>> machine = trainer.train(data)
Then, as explained before, a :py:class:`bob.learn.libsvm.Machine` can be used for classify the new entries.
.. doctest::
>>> test = 0.4 * numpy.random.randn(20, 2).astype(numpy.float64)
>>> outliers = numpy.random.uniform(low=-4, high=4, size=(20, 2)).astype(numpy.float64)
>>> predicted_label_test = machine(test)
>>> predicted_label_outliers = machine(outliers)
>>> print(predicted_label)
>>> print(predicted_label)
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