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[doc] Simplify dependence tracking and fix final errors

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......@@ -243,16 +243,17 @@ autodoc_default_options = {
# For inter-documentation mapping:
from bob.extension.utils import link_documentation, load_requirements
# For inter-documentation mapping: notice sphinx changes to the current
# directory to build the documentation
from bob.extension.utils import link_documentation
sphinx_requirements = "extra-intersphinx.txt"
if os.path.exists(sphinx_requirements):
if os.path.exists("requirements.txt"):
# building on the CI, with a copy of requirements.txt
intersphinx_mapping = link_documentation(
additional_packages=["python", "numpy"]
+ load_requirements(sphinx_requirements)
# building locally
intersphinx_mapping = link_documentation()
# Add our private index (for extras and fixes)
py:class torch.nn.modules.loss._Loss
py:class Module
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