Commit fca7bfe6 authored by Manuel Günther's avatar Manuel Günther

Made tests python2.6 compatible

parent 3ebf336a
......@@ -762,11 +762,9 @@ def test_lpb_top_with_radii():
op = bob.ip.base.LBPTop(lbp_xy, lbp_xt, lbp_yt)
# all other orders should raise
with as exc:
op = bob.ip.base.LBPTop(lbp_xy, lbp_yt, lbp_xt)
with as exc:
op = bob.ip.base.LBPTop(lbp_xt, lbp_yt, lbp_xy), bob.ip.base.LBPTop, lbp_xy, lbp_yt, lbp_xt), bob.ip.base.LBPTop, lbp_xt, lbp_yt, lbp_xy), bob.ip.base.LBPTop, lbp_yt, lbp_xt, lbp_xy)
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