Commit ebc77f56 authored by Amir MOHAMMADI's avatar Amir MOHAMMADI
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Relaxe distortions limits for 264 codecs even further

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......@@ -76,9 +76,9 @@ def test_format_codecs():
ffv1 = dict(frameskip=0.05, color=9.0, noise=46.),
vp8 = dict(frameskip=0.3, color=9.0, noise=65.),
libvpx = dict(frameskip=0.3, color=9.0, noise=65.),
h264 = dict(frameskip=20., color=10., noise=80.),
libx264 = dict(frameskip=20., color=160., noise=160.),
libopenh264 = dict(frameskip=20., color=10., noise=80.),
h264 = dict(frameskip=50., color=10., noise=80.),
libx264 = dict(frameskip=50., color=160., noise=160.),
libopenh264 = dict(frameskip=50., color=10., noise=80.),
theora = dict(frameskip=0.5, color=9.0, noise=70.),
libtheora = dict(frameskip=0.5, color=9.0, noise=70.),
mpeg4 = dict(frameskip=1.0, color=9.0, noise=55.),
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