Commit 5440e074 authored by David GEISSBUHLER's avatar David GEISSBUHLER
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parent 30e0ea12
......@@ -371,15 +371,12 @@ class StreamView(StreamFilter):
# translate frame indices
def get_frame_indices(self, index):
if self.frame_view is None:
return super().get_frame_indices(index)
elif isinstance(self.frame_view, slice):
# TODO perform translation....
return super().get_frame_indices(index)
return super().get_frame_indices(index)
def load(self, index=None):
indices = self.get_frame_indices(index)
print('view load', indices)
my_indices = self.get_frame_indices(index)
print('view load', my_indices)
print('super indices', return super().get_frame_indices())
return super().load(indices)
def process(self, data, indices):
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