Step 1: get image extension based on file content

6 jobs for 18-load-images-based-on-magic-numbers-instead-of-filename-extension-in-c in 36 minutes and 31 seconds (queued for 9 seconds)
Name Stage Failure
build_macosx_34 Build There is an unknown failure, please try again
Exceeded max retries, giving upError:     LOCKERROR: It looks like conda is already doing something.
The lock ['/opt/conda/pkgs/.conda_lock-76925'] was found. Wait for it to finish before continuing.
If you are sure that conda is not running, remove it and try again.
You can also use: $ conda clean --lock

[(Thu Sep 8 20:17:39 2016)!!] Command Failed "/opt/conda/bin/conda create --prefix /Users/buildbot/work/gitlab-ci/work/gitlab-ci/f6f95b82/0/bob/ --file env.txt --yes"
Running after script...
$ rm -rf ${CONDA_PREFIX}
ERROR: Build failed: exit status 1