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Removed test file that doesn't belong to this package

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#!/usr/bin/env python
# vim: set fileencoding=utf-8 :
# Andre Anjos <>
# Wed 14 May 15:41:02 2014 CEST
# Copyright (C) 2011-2014 Idiap Research Institute, Martigny, Switzerland
"""Test our Matlab(R) support
import os
import sys
import numpy
from import load, test_utils
from import transcode, array_readwrite, arrayset_readwrite
def test_all():
# array writing tests
a1 = numpy.random.normal(size=(2,3)).astype('float32')
a2 = numpy.random.normal(size=(2,3,4)).astype('float64')
a3 = numpy.random.normal(size=(2,3,4,5)).astype('complex128')
a4 = (10 * numpy.random.normal(size=(3,3))).astype('uint64')
array_readwrite('.mat', a1)
array_readwrite(".mat", a2)
array_readwrite('.mat', a3)
array_readwrite(".mat", a4)
# arrayset writing tests
a1 = []
a2 = []
a3 = []
a4 = []
for k in range(10):
arrayset_readwrite('.mat', a1)
arrayset_readwrite(".mat", a2)
arrayset_readwrite('.mat', a3)
arrayset_readwrite(".mat", a4)
# complete transcoding tests
transcode(test_utils.datafile('test_1d.mat', __name__)) #pseudo 1D - matlab does not support true 1D
transcode(test_utils.datafile('test_2d.mat', __name__))
transcode(test_utils.datafile('test_3d.mat', __name__))
transcode(test_utils.datafile('test_4d.mat', __name__))
transcode(test_utils.datafile('test_1d_cplx.mat', __name__)) #pseudo 1D - matlab does not support 1D
transcode(test_utils.datafile('test_2d_cplx.mat', __name__))
transcode(test_utils.datafile('test_3d_cplx.mat', __name__))
transcode(test_utils.datafile('test_4d_cplx.mat', __name__))
transcode(test_utils.datafile('test.mat', __name__)) #3D complex, large
def test_mat_file_io_does_not_crash():
data = load(test_utils.datafile('test_cell.mat', __name__))
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