Commit 1ec669e8 authored by Manuel Günther's avatar Manuel Günther Committed by André Anjos

Implemented failing test case

parent 0e92f6d0
......@@ -105,9 +105,15 @@ def test_netpbm():
# because of re-compression
def test_gif():
transcode(test_utils.datafile('test.gif', __name__))
def test_image_load():
# test that the generic function works as expected
for filename in ('test.jpg', 'cmyk.jpg', 'test.pbm', 'test_corrupted.pbm', 'test.pgm', 'test_corrupted.pgm', 'test.ppm', 'test_corrupted.ppm', 'img_rgba_color.png'):
for filename in ('test.jpg', 'cmyk.jpg', 'test.pbm', 'test_corrupted.pbm',
'test.pgm', 'test_corrupted.pgm', 'test.ppm', 'test_corrupted.ppm',
'img_rgba_color.png', 'test.gif'):
full_file = test_utils.datafile(filename, __name__)
# load with just image name
i1 =
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