Commit ff8df7f2 authored by Manuel Günther's avatar Manuel Günther
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Added HACK to remove compiler warnings.

parent 2777d940
......@@ -601,6 +601,14 @@ class build_ext(_build_ext):
Afterwards, it adds the according library, and the include and library directories of the Library's, so that other Extensions can find the newly generated lib.
# HACK: remove the "-Wstrict-prototypes" option keyword
self.compiler.compiler = [c for c in self.compiler.compiler if c != "-Wstrict-prototypes"]
self.compiler.compiler_so = [c for c in self.compiler.compiler_so if c != "-Wstrict-prototypes"]
if "-Wno-strict-aliasing" not in self.compiler.compiler:
if "-Wno-strict-aliasing" not in self.compiler.compiler_so:
# check if it is our type of extension
if isinstance(ext, Library):
# TODO: get compiler and add it to the compiler
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